January 19, 2021

128: Puffin

Lil puffin boy! It is your time to shine. However, we are already onto your Illuminati ways. Did you know, there are three species of puffin?! All three are very cute, and possibly working to steal the declaration of independence.


Are puffins related to penguins? How do puffins feed their chicks? Where are puffin found? Does their body hold a lot of secrets? What do puffins have to do with monks? Can puffins use tools? Did you know there are puffins in Star Wars?

January 12, 2021

127: Mandrill

Time to get wild with the largest monkey in the world! This big beautiful primate is sporting the coolest makeup in town and is on that ultimate clown couture level. Beep beep!


Heads up, this intro is CHATTY. So don't be upset when we screech for the first 15 min :)


We answer questions like: What's the difference between mandrills and baboons? Was Rafiki a mandrill? What on EARTH is going on with their faces....and genitals? How can each of us mitigate deforestation and help the mandrill? and What did our favorite daddy, Charles Darwin, have to say about them?

January 5, 2021

126: Bobbit Worm

If we don't pick your suggestion, try try again. It's 2021, it's worm time. Settle in and learn about a benthic worm that lives in some ocean somewhere.


How many eyes do bobbit worms have? How big can they get, and how do you even verify that anyway? How do they make love? Is it creepy? What came first, rainbow road, or bobbit worms? How does the bobbit worm eat? Will it eat off my leg? What does this animal have to do with an assault case of the 90s?

December 29, 2020

125: Snowy owl

What better animal to discuss in the dead of winter, than the Snowy owl? This feathered friend thrives in the cold tundra and can teach us a few things about being *cool*


Throw on a parka and learn answers to questions such as: How does the snowy owl's visual acuity compare to humans? What is kleptoparasitism? How do they stay warm in such frigid temperatures? What are owl pellets and do they make nice presents? and When will Hedwig get the justice she deserves?

December 22, 2020

124: Hooded Seal

It's December, and we have BIG life changing news! Woohoo! But let's also talk icy cold animals, baby! This guy is very strange. Think Pennywise the clown meets a seal.


We learn a ton about the hooded seal including: Where are hooded seals found? What is the hood part of the seal? Is this a seal or a sea lion? Do they believe in God? What is going on with the lactation in this thing? How long can a hooded seal hold it's breath?

December 15, 2020

123: Kowari

Whoa-oh here he comes, watch out boy he'll chew you up! Whoa-oh here he comes, he's a mouse-eater! This episode is all about the Kowari, a small Australia marsupial who will keep you guessing.


We answer questions like: Why do Australian marsupials constantly throw us for a loop? How are the shape of his teeth conducive to a carnivorous diet? Is it pronounced gif or jif??  How big is he in relation to a school bus? And is this unit of measurement even remotely helpful? 

December 8, 2020

122: Crayfish

Is he your Crawdaddy or your Crawpappy? Tune in to find out about this little decapod who can have a bunch of different jobs!


We talk about all the names for crawfish. Where are they found? Where do yabby come in? Does a crayfish need water to breath? Would a crawdad be able to tell you if your beer sucks? What kind of things do mudbugs taste good with?

December 1, 2020

Quick & Dirty Ep: 24

Welcome to another Quick & Dirty, where we answer listened-submitted questions and use our combined brain cell to try our very best to provide a single ounce of wisdom! This week, we help a listener find ways to improve their resume during a global pandemic and answer some wild Would You Rathers. Everyone whip your resumes and get ready for some *~*professional*~* development.

We answer:

Do you guys have any advice for college students on how to continue to gain experience while COVID is going on and I can't volunteer or do any internships? Are there any courses, conferences, or certifications that would help give me an edge on a resume?

November 24, 2020

121: Platypus

Hello! Happy Turkey Day week. Please fist all your turkeys responsibly. Join us as we learn about Daddy Darwin's mid-life crisis, the platypus. What is GOING on???


We learn about things like: Where are platypus found? Why are they so strange? What kind of mammal is a platypus? Do they have an acceptable number of teats? Does anyone even know what a mole feels like? Are platypus venomous? If I twerk will they be able to find me?

November 17, 2020

120: Red fox

Ready to ignite your loins? This week is all about the Red fox, and...we weren't ready.


We answer your burning questions like: What is a supracaudal gland and why are animals always wiping it on stuff? Would a fox be a good roommate or would they just piss in the fridge? What is a copulatory tie? Why are foxes so prevalent throughout history? and Why are they so dang sexy??


Get ready for a sexual awakening, furrriends.

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