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Jan 2020

Quick & Dirty Ep: 18

Time for more advice! For whatever reason, you guys keep asking for our advice when in actuality, we're just little slug women doing our best. TLDL: We love our volunteers and you should too, end of story. Also, name your animals, because why the heck not?


This week, we discuss:

- Our experiences with volunteers, our thoughts on their role in the zoo, and advice on how not to be a dirtbag to the people donating their time to help out the zoo

- The pros vs cons of naming zoo animals and sharing those names with the public - is it an effective means of making personal connections or does it encourage exotic pet ownership?

Jan 2020

83: Axolotl

Him BABY! Small amphibian with big smoothie energy. Resistant to cancer, yes, regrow limbs, yes, cute, yes.

Jan 2020

82: Titi Monkey

Not gonna lie, there's a lot of nipple talk in this episode...we also attempt basic math and roast a patron. It's GREAT.

Dec 2019

81: Raccoon

Little Robber Boy. Tiny masked bandit with hands of a man. The sneaky rabid raccoon.

Dec 2019

Quick & Dirty Ep: 17

Ho ho ho! Check out our special festive quick and dirty where we discuss how zookeepers spend their holidays, we toss out some last minute gift ideas, and talk about our favorite holiday traditions. 

We answer:

- What do zookeepers do on holidays and days when the zoo is closed? 

- What are Flora and Fauna doing for their holiday?

Dec 2019

80: Sumatran Rhino

Sumatran Rhinos are small, hairy, and vocal. We can relate. But let's get depressing, these things are dying, and it's all our fault.

Dec 2019

Quick & Dirty Ep: 16

We answer a QND we have avoided for 10 months. Sorry Aimee, we love you tho.


We answer:

  • What are your opinions on circuses?
  • If we don't support the circus, are zoos the next to go?

Send in your thoughts if you agree/disagree! We would love to hear it. But be nice, k thanks.

Dec 2019

79: Sea Turtle

This week we dive into the Big Ol' Blue and learn about Sea Turtles! We talk Pokemon per usual, discuss sea turtle certified self care strategies, and debate the best way to store a corn dog. 

Nov 2019

78: Greenland Shark

We are thankful for Old Sharks, Grim Reapers, and Pokemon. We chat about the oldest vertebrate in the world, things that live on it's eyeballs, and whether or not it can deep throat a reindeer.

Nov 2019

77: Tree Lobster

This week, Flora and Fauna get religious, unintentionally slip in an ad for Clif bars, and plan the next Keeper Chat meet-up. Buckle up, it's time to bug.