November 24, 2020

121: Platypus

Hello! Happy Turkey Day week. Please fist all your turkeys responsibly. Join us as we learn about Daddy Darwin's mid-life crisis, the platypus. What is GOING on???


We learn about things like: Where are platypus found? Why are they so strange? What kind of mammal is a platypus? Do they have an acceptable number of teats? Does anyone even know what a mole feels like? Are platypus venomous? If I twerk will they be able to find me?

November 17, 2020

120: Red fox

Ready to ignite your loins? This week is all about the Red fox, and...we weren't ready.


We answer your burning questions like: What is a supracaudal gland and why are animals always wiping it on stuff? Would a fox be a good roommate or would they just piss in the fridge? What is a copulatory tie? Why are foxes so prevalent throughout history? and Why are they so dang sexy??


Get ready for a sexual awakening, furrriends.

November 10, 2020

119: Bongo

We discuss this large, kinda boring, antelope! Come hang out with us before we knew the results of the election and were still kinda losing our actual minds!


We talk bongo facts which includes: How many teats should a human have. Do bongo have white chocolate drizzle? Are bongo craving the mineral? What even is an antelope.

November 3, 2020

118: Dumbo octopus

We all need more squishy cuteness in our lives, and who better to provide this than the dumbo octopus! With big ears, big eyes, and a squat bean bod, he is the ideal specimen.


We learn answers to questions like: How did the dumbo octopus get its name? Is a kidney stone actually just a tooth? Why doesn't the dumbo octopus have a ink sac? Why does grimpoteuthis slap so hard? And will Avril Lavigne ever be a guest on our show? (YES PLEASE)

October 27, 2020

Quick & Dirty Ep: 23

Thanks Ethan and Max for this wonderful question. How do you cope with switching back and forth between internships and college? Sorry you assumed we can cope with anything, but thanks for writing in! If you have questions for your fav duo just shoot an email to


October 20, 2020

117: Sawfish

Spooky month continues with the man, the fish, the weapon. This week we learn all about the sawfish! 


Learn answers to burning questions, such as: What the heck are ampullae of Lorenzini and what the double heck do they have to do with the sawfish? What's going on with that knife on his face? How does being a euryhaline species allow the sawfish to live all over the world? Which came first, the sawfish or the saw? And what would you do with a saw strapped to your face?

We also include a Flora & Fauna certified handy safety how-to guide for putting things up your butt. Hold on to your dermal denticles and enjoy!

October 13, 2020

116: Bearded Vulture

A bird with a beard! A bird who takes baths! A bird with cool stomach acid! Come learn about a neat species of vulture with us.


We chat about things like: Where does the bearded vulture live? Has it ever killed a man? Where does it get its name? What exactly does the bearded vulture eat and why is it a spooky Halloween boy? How much money do I need to make to qualify a purchase of my own crag? Are bearded vulture really red in color?

October 6, 2020

Quick & Dirty Ep: 22

Welcome to another Quick & Dirty, where it's time for more advice from your friendly neighborhood idiots! This week we discuss self-confidence in the field and working with varied feedback, as well as the difference in perception of interns and seasonal keepers. We also gush over ambassador animal keepers, the most powerful, friendly, and charismatic keepers out there! And as always, we answer Would You Rathers from our listeners, but this time they are spoooooooky!! Ooooooooo


p.s. as always our cats are VOCAL and PRESENT. We are SORRY.


We answer:

- How to deal with different feedback from different facilities and how to take more initiative, bolster your self-confidence, and demonstrate maturity in the field?

- What are our thoughts on ambassador animal keepers and why do we think these keepers are often looked down upon?

September 29, 2020

115: Zebra Shark

Shark boy! Does he have stripes like a zebra? Yes and no, but mostly no. But also, yes. Join us and listen to the rants and raves of your fav duo. We have a weird surprise in store so please tune in to learn more.

We chat about things like: Where are zebra sharks found? What do they look like, what do they eat, what do they want to be when they grow up? Do they have facial hair? Are they solitary or not? Do they go to that one shark rave every year? Are men obsolete?

September 22, 2020

114: Naked mole rat

Wrinkles? Yes. Naked? Yes. Kind of unnerving? Oh yes. This week we learn about the naked mole rat! An underground rodent that holds the secret to the fountain of youth, but is it worth it??


We answer questions like: What is eusociality and how does it function? Are they a mole and/or a rat? What American girl dolls would Flora and Fauna be? Just how much body horror is involved in this episode? WHY are naked mole rats resistant to poison and cancer damage?? And how well can you naked mole rap?

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