September 22, 2020

114: Naked mole rat

Wrinkles? Yes. Naked? Yes. Kind of unnerving? Oh yes. This week we learn about the naked mole rat! An underground rodent that holds the secret to the fountain of youth, but is it worth it??


We answer questions like: What is eusociality and how does it function? Are they a mole and/or a rat? What American girl dolls would Flora and Fauna be? Just how much body horror is involved in this episode? WHY are naked mole rats resistant to poison and cancer damage?? And how well can you naked mole rap?

September 14, 2020

113: Sea Horse

Seabiscuit! We chat about the equine of the sea. It isn't a sea or a horse, so what is it? Just take five seconds to look at a seahorse swim and tell me this is a real, normal, acceptable thing?!? They are cryptids.

We answer things like: How fast can a seahorse swim? Do male seahorses *really* give birth? Are seahorses monogamous and what's up with their courtship? Can we relate this back to Danny Devito? What does the human brain have to do with all of this?

September 8, 2020

112: Snow leopard

Dreaming of cooler days and fluffy kitties - perfect time to learn about the snow leopard! This cold weather cutie is found in high elevations and high on our list of poofiest goofiest babes.


We answer questions like: How on earth does this goofball keep from freezing to death? What would they order off the Skyline Chili menu? Are snow leopards considered big cats? How likely is it that a vampire named them? (hint: most definitely probably very likely) How good are Flora and Fauna at chuffing? And is anyone willing to buy us a haunted plush animal version of a snow leopard we found for $600?

September 1, 2020

111: Shoebill

A big birb boy! A muppet with a ponytail! Join us in the lake behind Sesame Street and meet the Shoebill. Everyone says he is the scariest bird in the world, but that makes no sense and we are just mad about it.


We talk things like: Where do shoebill live? Can a shoebill stick its spine out of it's throat? What do they eat? What's a super fun fact about shoebill? Is he a stork, a pelican, or something else? Are shoebill anymore evil than any other bird?

August 25, 2020

110: Marine Flatworm

Who doesn't love a worm? Particular a very small, very wet, very fragile one? This week, we investigate a tiny ocean man and get all up in his business. Whip out those microscopes and take a peep at this paper-thin pal.


Join us and learn answers to your burning questions, like: how'd he get so thin? What's up with his butt, or lack thereof? How is he different from nudibranchs and sea slugs? Why ON EARTH does he have two penises? And why is penis fencing now a part of my search history?

August 22, 2020

Keeper Chat Trailer

A quick and dirty trailer to play for friends and family to help spread the Grime Gospel!

August 18, 2020

109: Dugong

Dugongidae is pretty fun to say so let's talk mermaids. This aquatic herbivore is very large and very different from manatees. Tune in to hear us put the Dugong song on blast because hey wow it had no correct information in it at all. Flora and Fauna talk about their secret tattoos and what their Kentucky Derby names would be.

We answer stuff like: How well can a dugong kiss? Is a dugong related to dolphins? Aren't manatees the same thing? How much does a human brain weigh? How do you pronounce the word scarce? Is the dewgong pokemon a dugong?

August 11, 2020

Quick & Dirty Ep: 21

It's time for another Quick & Dirty, where we answer questions we receive from our listeners! This week, we set aside our general bitterness and take a stroll down memory lane to relive some of the more heartwarming, exciting, and flat out INSANE experiences from our zoo careers. Take an inside look into Flora & Fauna's pasts, and learn plenty of dumb tidbits about your two favorite zookeepers!


We answer:

- Any advice for new keepers?

- What is your favorite zoo memory?

August 4, 2020

108: Tuatara

The beak headed baby godzilla that scooted its way into our hearts. He isn't a lizard!!! I'm not a monkey!!! Pay attention. This little man is going to blow your mind.

We answer questions like: Wait, what, is the tuatara really not a lizard? Why is the tuatara the way that it is? Where can I find one? How many rows of teeth does he have. How many eyes does the tuatara have? What is going on with it's genitals. Is this finally about the illuminati? Why did it take so long to mention the illuminati.  Also, is the tuatara nocturnal and how old do they live to be?

July 28, 2020

107: Colobus monkey

This week we learn about the colobus monkey! This thumb-less monochromatic man had us asking questions like: why do they have a ruminant style digestive system? Is life harder without a thumb? Why are they considered holy in some parts of Africa? According to the colobus, what are the best ways to socialize with friends post-pandemic? And why do their babies look exactly like Voldemort?


Join us to find out the answers to these questions, and more!

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