October 19, 2021

159: Stargazer

Atone for your sins, lest you end up a face on the bottom of the ocean.


This week we learn about the stargazer fish, a true NIGHTMARE MAN. We answer questions like what is an ambush predator? what adaptations does the stargazer have to camouflage itself in the ocean floor? Why is he electric AND capable of envenomating bystanders? WHAT CRIMES DID HE COMMIT (we never actually answer this one, it haunts us still).

October 12, 2021

158: Leech

They want to suck your blood! And you should let them, maybe? We continue the spookiest time of year with basically just an episode about vampires. This was what was inside Edward Cullen all along.

We chat about things like: Where can I find a leech? Why is Illinois the pits? Who even wrote the bible? Can a leech hurt me? How much black bile should I have in my body? Is Pliny the Elder really smart or really dumb? How does a leech stay attached to a body? How much blood do leeches drink and how many times a year do they need to feed?

Hang up the fall foliage, bust out the hot chocolate, and throw a pumpkin on your head idk it's spooky season!


This week we talk about snakes AND spiders - two for one, baby! We answer questions like: what was Darwin THINKING when he went off the Viperidae template with this one? Were caudal lures the origins of fishing? What would you have on your booty if you were trying to lure in a snack? Have you seen the new Venom movie? lol

September 28, 2021

156: Chinook Salmon

Everyone banded together to bring you...this salmon. A certified monster lover. Who doesn't love a shapeshifting fanged fish the size of a small man?


We chat about: Where are Chinook salmon found? Why is their flesh pink? How do salmon know where to go to spawn? What is a salmon run like, and why is it horrific? Am I okay to eat salmon? If I had to choose to nut or die, what would I pick?

September 21, 2021

155: Dhole

Did you think we were done talking about fox-adjacent creatures? Think again!


This week, we learn all about the dhole and answer some questions like are these things related to wolves and is there an aLpHa?? what is the most purchased item at Wal-Mart? how many teats does a female dhole have? could you push one over if you needed to? And why did Rudyard Kipling have such huge beef with these animals?


Heads up, there is an unholy amount of background noise in this episode, stemming from Flora's cat and Fauna's partner. It certainly adds *flavor* to it all, but you've been warned.

September 14, 2021

154: Wattled Crane

Wee-woo wee-woo, the police are here, there is a carunkle alert issued for this episode. Please proceed with caution.


We chat about things like: Who is booger anus? What that wattle do? Where are wattled cranes found and how many things are they the best at? What's a good plan to save the world, and why is it just the plot of Wall-E?


September 7, 2021

153: Sperm whale

How have we never discussed this explicit whale. Anyways, call me Ishmael and let's get on with it.


This week, we answer your questions about the sperm whale, such as why is it called a sperm whale? why do so many nautical terms have seemingly phallic/male (sus) connotations? what is spermaceti and is it related to spaghetti? what is a sperm whale's favorite food? and what the heck does My Hero Academia have anything to do with this?

August 31, 2021

152: Brazilian Treehopper

Is it high fashion? Or is it just helicopter blades on top of a cicada? Come learn about the Brazilian Treehopper who doesn't do much but look weird and suck sap. I guess there are worse things in life.


Learn things like: Where is the Brazilian Treehopper found? Does it live or want to live in Antarctica? How many species of this thing is out there? Does the treehopper's crazy style have a purpose?

August 24, 2021

Quick & Dirty Ep: 30

We answer a listener submitted question! Do we have any tips for working in weather!? Oh we do. We have experienced all weather events and seasons... and they all have their miserable moments.

So what can you do to prepare yourself to be working in the weather that the weather-person says, don't go out in? Tune in to hear how to beat the heat and the cold, and how a trash bag is gonna be your best friend.

August 17, 2021

151: Desert Rain Frog

You don't even know you know, but you know. Come learn more about the living squeaky toy who is always down to throw hands. This lil frog isn't just a regular frog, he is a dry boy.

Come learn about things like: Where are desert rain frogs found? How does small boy get with such big lady? Do frogs who live in a desert need a tadpole stage? Who really is god's favorite?

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