May 24, 2022

Quick & Dirty Ep: 35

F&F are back at it again answering some questions that have been rotting in an email inbox for 12 months. So, what are some fun animal mishaps that have occurred in our careers? You mean outside of the whole, becoming a zookeeper mishap? We can probably think of something.

May 18, 2022

Bingus Bongus Bonus

If you thought our weekly episodes were a ride, just you WAIT. This week we're providing a sneak peek into the bonus episodes, available ONLY to our beloved patrons on If you've been craving more grime, more chaos, and more content, then join the Keeper Chat Patreon family and get immediate access to over 40 hours of bonus episodes and more!

Hold onto your butts, these episodes are just the beginning.

May 3, 2022

Quick & Dirty Ep: 34

Mmm the soothing sounds of Flora & Fauna ranting. We go to the archives and answer a listener question from....last year. What are our opinions on interactive exhibits at zoos? Are they worth it? Are they manageable? Are they the single worst idea anyone has ever had in the entire universe? What do you think?

April 26, 2022

181: Pesquet’s Parrot

OOO Alliteration - how cute. How do we make an episode about an animal with 0 information? Well, we talk about more important things to fill the time, like roller coasters, cavity sam, and our eating habits. 

What is the Pesquet's parrot? Why is it commonly referred to as Dracula's parrot? Is it interesting at all? Where can it be found in the wild and what zoo can it be seen in? Tune in for all the answers to your burning questions.

April 19, 2022

180: Olm

Did you think you weren't going to learn about something concerningly phallic today? Think again.


This week we tackle the olm and answer questions like: What is neoteny? What did Charles Darwin have to say about this guy in On the Origin of Species? What are the odds he tastes like licorice? How does the olm use electron microscopy to perceive his environment? and Why does he LOOK LIKE THAT?

April 12, 2022

179: No-see-ums

Have you ever had close relations with a vampire? the invisible man? a little bug? It was probably the no-see-um who is all of those things combined. We chat about the little biting midges that everyone hates. We hate them so bad we tried to kill, like everything, to get rid of them,


What is a no-see-um? Where are they found? How small are they? How many horrible diseases do they carry and what is their experience with DDT? Tune in to find out all this and more.

In honor of the new Batman movie, we learned about the Mexican free-tailed bat. Actually that's a lie, we just wanted to talk about a bat.


We answer questions like What is a patagium? How does this species use echolocation to one up other bats? Who on earth is in charge of the M&M wiki and are they ok? What about Texas makes this bat go buck wild? How would Flora and Fauna send secret messages to one another? and WHY does this man zoom around so fast?

March 29, 2022

177: Lemming

Things lemmings don't do: commit suicide. Things Disney does: kills animals for profit.

This week we learn about the wildly misconstrued lemming. Where did the idea that they commit suicide come from? Do they really not do it? How does Disney come into play and what atrocities did they commit? Why is Flora's soul mate probably a lemming and when does Ole Worm come knockin? Tune in to find out.

March 15, 2022

176: Krait

It's been a hot minute since we dished on a reptile! Come learn about the Krait, a noodle with an edge.


We answer questions like: What does it mean to be ophiophagous? Why does this snake genus have THE BEST name (#bungarus)? Where in the world can kraits be found? How does the venom of the krait affect its victims? Are Flora and Fauna claustrophobic? (spoiler: yes) and How does the krait fit into the Ninjago universe?

March 8, 2022

175: Jaguarundi

Lil kitty cat that blends in with the otters. There isn't much to this lil guy but we talk about him anyway. It is what you have demanded of us.

We chat about where jaguarundis are found, what they eat, and how high they can jump. They may be from Roswell and their favorite store might be Kohl's.

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